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If Your RV Is a Lemon

July, 2008

By Sergei Lemberg, Guest Contributor

The call of the open road beckons. There are new vistas to admire, new towns to explore and new adventures to experience. Packing up your family and taking a road trip in your motorhome is the quintessential American vacation. Whether youĂ­re going to a campground an hour from your house or are traveling across the prairies and mountains from sea to shining sea, your RV trans-forms into your home away from home. But when your new coach is stuck in the driveway, repeatedly at the dealer for repairs or breaks down during what should be a relaxing time away from it all, your dream can turn into a nightmare.

If your motorhome turns out to be a lemon, you can turn a decidedly sour experience into something sweeter.

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