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Getting Lemon Justice – Relief Under CT Lemon Law

Connecticut Lemon Law provides several options for a successful Lemon Law claimant. First, you may be awarded a replacement vehicle of the same year, make, and model. You may also qualify for a refund of the purchase price, including your down payment, after subtracting the mileage deduction that is computed by multiplying the present mileage of the vehicle times the contract price and dividing that figure by 120,000.

A refund typically also includes all charges for undercoating; dealer preparation, transportation, and installed options; sales tax; license and registration fees; and similar government charges.  Extended warranty and attorneys fees may also be reimbursed. You can also be awarded a refund for the finance charges you paid after you first reported the problem to the manufacturer, as well as during the time when your vehicle was not usable.

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