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Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles does the law cover?

Connecticut 's Lemon Law covers all new passenger, combination passenger/ commercial vehicles and motorcycles purchased or leased in Connecticut that

  • Do not conform to the manufacturer's express warranty
  • That have substantial defects affecting the use, safety or value of the vehicle

For how long does the law cover the vehicle?

The law covers vehicles for the first two years or 24,000 miles , whichever comes first. Your vehicle is covered by Lemon Law for whichever comes first: the first two years of ownership or 24,000 miles .

What is a Lemon?

The law defines a lemon as a new motor vehicle (passenger car, combination passenger/commercial van, truck or motorcycle) purchased or leased in Connecticut that does not conform to the manufacturer's express warranty and which, after "a reasonable number of attempts", cannot be repaired so that it does conform to that warranty.

What's a reasonable number of attempts?

The same problem has to be subjected to a reasonable number of repair attempts and still continue to exist after these attempts at repair. The law presumes that a "reasonable number" is four.

The "reasonable number of attempts requirement" may be satisfied when the vehicle has been out of service for repair at the dealership for a cumulative total of thirty (30) days or more - not necessarily all at one time - for any number of unrelated problems.

In the case of a safety defect likely to cause death or serious injury, the vehicle is a lemon if the defect continues to exist after two (2) or more attempts during the first year of operation or the term of the express warranty, whichever occurs first.

Repair requirements differ if driving the defective vehicle could be life threatening or pose serious bodily harm. In this case, the law allows for two repair attempts or one year following the delivery date of the vehicle, whichever comes first.

Do I have rights if my vehicle has gone past the Lemon Law period?

Absolutely. Even if your vehicle has gone past 2 years or 18,000 miles , there are still Federal and State warranty laws that protect you.

Can I file a lawsuit right away?

If a manufacturer has a certified arbitration program, consumers are required to enter such programs to resolve disputes. Is there is no such program in place, a lawsuit may be filed right away. The Attorney General also has an binding arbitration system for resolution of Lemon Law Claims. Arbitrators have the authority to award attorneys fees to attorneys representing consumers.

What are your remedies?

  • A replacement with an identical or comparable new car; or
  • A refund of the contract price. A mileage deduction for the use you have had of the vehicle may or may not be deducted. The statutory mileage deduction is computed by multiplying the present mileage of the vehicle times the contract price and dividing that figure by 120,000.
  • Refund or replacement awards may also include reimbursement for other damages or costs if you have receipts.

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