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Business Vehicles — Lemon Law in AL

Alabama Lemon Law does not cover vehicles purchased for use in business. However, the federal Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act states that the manufacturer of any product — from your toaster to your lemon business car — must abide by the warranty.

Unlike the Alabama Lemon Law for personal cars, which requires you to go into arbitration or mediation, you need to sue the manufacturer and/or dealer of your business vehicle in a court of law. The window of time to initiate a lawsuit is small, so speak to a Lemon Law attorney if your vehicle has been in the shop three times for the same problem. If your case is successful, the manufacturer will have pay for attorneys' fees, so you shouldn't have to pay for representation.

As with other types of Lemon Law claims, organization is key to presenting a convincing case. Keep spotless records of every malfunction and problem you have had with your business vehicle since you bought it. Save all of the paperwork that you received every time you brought your vehicle to be serviced. Catalog the days the vehicle spent in the shop and out of your possession. Remember, the more organized your evidence is, the more likely it is that your attorney can win your case.

Make sure to send a Demand Letter via certified mail, return receipt requested, to the dealer and manufacturer.

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