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Class Action Lawsuits

Lemberg & Associates represents consumers in class action lawsuits against auto manufacturers and dealers. In a class action, many consumers who suffered similarly at the hands of a certain manufacturer or dealer come together in order to get the compensation they deserve.

Lemberg & Associates is currently working on the following class action lawsuits. If your experience is similar to that in one of the lawsuits outlined below, please contact our office immediately.

If you’ve had vehicle or financing-related problems, you should consult Lemberg & Associates. Our legal team is passionate about seeking justice for our clients. Our attorneys are experts in lemon law, auto fraud law, fair debt law, and fair credit law. We routinely win cases for our clients against big auto companies in an effort to ensure that other unsuspecting consumers aren’t harmed.

Get the Compensation You Deserve!

If you’ve purchased a new or used lemon vehicle, contact Lemberg & Associates now for a FREE and confidential consultation. We will help you understand your options and give you unbiased advice. Call 1-877-77-LEMON or click here to complete our online contact form.