Amanda L. Seymour, a traffic attorney in California, is sitting in the guest blogger’s chair today. She works with truckers to ensure that they don’t lose their licenses.

As an attorney, it is incredibly frustrating to tell a client, “I can’t help you.” However, what makes a situation more frustrating is to tell a client, “I can’t help you, but I could have if you had only called me sooner.”

Commercial drivers know how important their right to drive is. If they can’t drive, they can’t work. It is as simple as that. In addition to their ability to work, a clean driving record can even help them obtain better employment, as many companies will not hire a driver with a bad record. A clean driving record can even help a driver in court. Many courts are much more lenient on a driver with a clean record than they are if the driver has a lot of tickets on his record.

If you’re a commercial driver, a good traffic attorney can help you with almost any charge. In California, there are a lot of vehicle code sections that carry no points. Officers don’t write these sections because they either don’t know about them or because their bosses have told them not to. However, once you get into court, everything changes. A good traffic attorney knows how to talk to the officers and the court and can try to get you the best deal possible. But, you do have to help-you have to call that traffic attorney when you get your ticket!

By the time the Department of Motor Vehicles threatens to suspend your license, it is too late. I have talked to so many truckers lately who are going to be, or have been, suspended because they received too many points. And each one I have had to tell, “I can’t help you. It is too late.” However, I have also told each one, “I could have helped if you had called when you got that last ticket.”

I hear all the excuses:

“I couldn’t afford to hire an attorney so I just pleaded guilty.” Can you afford to not work for 6 months?

“I was guilty so I didn’t think I should fight the ticket.” That doesn’t mean there isn’t a charge out there that won’t carry a point.

The DMV is not going to stop a suspension. A DMV hearing only delays the suspension – it is going to happen. However, an attorney in court can possibly stop a suspension. Don’t lose your license and your job because you don’t want to pick up the phone.