Southwest Florida’s Herald Tribune recently reported that the videotape documenting Sarasota County resident Greg Cramer’s shaking Ford F-250 pickup has spurred attorneys for three Floridians to instigate a class action lawsuit on behalf of 48,000 truck owners in Florida.

The Herald Tribune reports that Cramer’s suspension and steering wheel shimmy, which occurred when he hit a bump at speeds of more than 50 M.P.H., happened more than 60 times. Ford couldn’t fix the problem, and because Cramer bought the truck used, he couldn’t take advantage of the state’s Lemon Law. Instead, he’s suing on the basis that Ford didn’t honor the original warranty.

But there’s a larger issue at stake here. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has received over 1,200 complaints about the same problem, and says that the wobble could affect as many as 520,000 trucks. The agency is investigating for a potential recall, although Ford clams that no recall is necessary. This underscores the importance of filing complaints with the NHTSA, which takes action when complaints about a problem with a make and model reach a certain threshold.

The kicker? According to the Herald Tribune, Cramer traded in his truck, but “he was told Ford intended to resell it.”