Here are two more cars named Top 10 by the Consumer Reports that suffer from mechanical problems that could have the owners thinking lemon law real soon!

2007 Hyundai Elantra

Small sedan - 2007 Hyundai Elantra SE - We’ve already had 5 lemon law claims on this car this year!

  • Speedometer error (5 complaints)
  • Alarm system goes off repeatedly
  • Air bags did not deploy in a crash (2 complaints)
  • Vehicle accelerates without warning
  • Camber settings cause rear to be unstable (3 complaints)

2007 Honda Accord

Family sedan - 2007 Honda Accord-Potential Lemon Auto - 4 lemon law claims in New York and Connecticut this year already!

  • Lunges forward (4 complaints)
  • Pops out of third gear (2 complaints)
  • Makes clunking noises while shifting
  • Engine vibration
  • Air bags did not deploy in a crash (2 complaints)
  • Power stopped working in a crash and doors would not open
  • Bubble or bulge on tire (3 complaints)
  • Brakes clunk and squeak
  • Passenger seat release lever cut finger
  • Rattling
  • “Check gas” flashed when gas cap was not turned until the owner heard three clicks
  • Brakes locked or grabbed unexpectedly (2 complaints)
  • Vehicle getting 17.78125 mpg
  • Floor mats have chemical odor
  • Engine vibration and engine light illumination
  • Doors do not automatically lock (2 complaints)
  • Tire blew out
  • LED tail light bothered driver behind car (3 complaints)
  • No front lower grill, causing pebbles to hit air conditioner condenser and Freon leakage (2 complaints)
  • Accelerator pedal shakes
  • Popping and buzzing sounds
  • Vehicle shakes
  • Accelerator pedal sticks
  • Bumper cover becomes brittle when exposed to extreme cold
  • Seat belt injury
  • SRS lamp stays on
  • Seats are uncomfortable in cold weather
  • Popping noise from windshield