car51.JPGImagine a lawyer stuck with a lemon car? Well, this happened to a member of the Washington DC  named Paleos & Krieger. 

The story goes like this.  Apparently, Attorney Krieger parked the car (a Porsche Cayenne) outside a local bookstore. After reading for about two hours, he came out to find a fire truck sitting in the lot.  When Krieger turned the corner, he found his car to be a wet “smoking hulk” with the interior blackened and all the windows smashed.  

The firm sued the Georgia-based Porsche Cars North America of breach of contract, lemon law, breach of warranty, and negligence.  Mr. Krieger was upset, and justifiably so, since some of his personal belongings and expensive suits had the misfortune to be left in the car. 

But this is not an uncommon occurrence – we have several cases in the office with very similar facts, though none with Porsche. In one particular case, a Jaguar owner walked out of her gym only to find her prized possession all burned out, like Mr. Krieger.  Unfortunately, this pattern is unusual, but it does happen more frequently than one might think.

So if you happen to find your car burned out without any apparent cause, don’t assume terrorism or insurgency as the cause. Call a lemon lawyer instead.