A Consumer Who Should Have Called Lemberg & Associates!

Posted by sally on July 27th, 2011

Seacost Online reports that a Salisbury, Massachusetts consumer who bought a lemon used vehicle got so mad that he crashed it into six parked cars on the dealer’s lot.

The consumer told the paper that, after buying the used van, he discovered that it had been in a wreck. The odometer didn’t work, which meant that he couldn’t get insurance for the vehicle. When he took it back to the dealer, the dealer told him “you’re stuck with it.”

Ticked off and not seeing any options, the consumer took matters into his own hands. He now faces six felony counts of criminal mischief.

Too bad he didn’t call Lemberg & Associates; we likely could have helped him get rid of his lemon without resorting to road rage.

Lemon Law – When Customer Service is Anything But…

Posted by Sergei Lemberg, Esq. on September 12th, 2008

“Responding to an Absurd Claim from a Customer” was the title of a recent article on the CIO Today site. The article discussed customer service agents’ appropriate and inappropriate responses to customers who they deem have “absurd” complaints.

As anyone who has been through the hassles and headaches of a lemon vehicle knows, your complaints are anything but absurd. Nevertheless, they are often met with resistance, silence, or argumentativeness by so-called “customer service” agents.

It seems to me that, especially when it comes to auto manufacturers and dealers, they train their customer service representatives to dismiss or fend off complaints, rather than to help consumers resolve issues about defective vehicles. This is especially true when a vehicle might qualify as a lemon. At that point, it seems as though the customer service reps are trained to employ a variety of stalling tactics, in the hope that the consumer will either give up, or that the window of opportunity for filing a Lemon Law claim runs out.

The moral of the story? When it comes to customer service, lower your expectations, and don’t let their lack of response dictate whether or not you pursue your Lemon Law rights under the law.