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A number of catastrophic injury victims sign medical liens every year. Many of these victims are not aware of the consequences a lien can have on their settlement. Signing a medical lien could be a fatal mistake that can wreck your personal injury claim.

Medical Liens Can Hurt Your Personal Injury Settlement

When you sign a medical lien, you are obligating your personal injury attorney to pay your expenses once the case is settled. Your medical bills will be paid from your settlement. In some cases your medical bills could be greater than your settlement value. In this case you will still be obligated to pay the lien once your case has been settled, even if you don’t receive a settlement at all.

Over the years I have noticed that clients walk away with more money in their pockets if they don’t sign a medical lien. A lien offers no oversight as to the appropriateness of services. Doctors treating patients could charge a larger fee, over-treat patients, or both.

Don’t Ignore Your Personal Injuries

Weather you are treating on a lien or using heath insurance, it is important to continue treatment if you have an injury. This could be critical for you and your family to make a full recovery. It is also important to ensure your injuries do not get worse.

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